Review: Door to Door Organics Unboxing

I received my first small mixed box from Door to Door Organics. It was such an easy process with lots of flexibility. Let me explain.

You have the option to select from 4 sized boxes, and to either do fruits or vegetables, or both (mixed). Also, you will be able to select the delivery day, and whether you want to have a weekly or bi-weekly box sent. I chose bi-weekly to test out the service and see how much food we actually went through.

A few things I really loved about all this. You have until the night before your delivery date to “substitute” up to 5 items, which is seriously the best thing. I substituted 5 items, I didn’t need garlic for example, nor bananas, and I just hate green peppers. Instead I chose, mango, lettuce and avocados. Another thing I was absolutely surprised by, was how bit their marketplace is, and how many products the carry, not just produce, but everything from bread, oil, snacks, eggs even, yogurt etc…all mostly organic, and with a large selection of local products as well. You can add any of the items to your order, and they just show up along with your box on delivery day. Also, you can have most items be added to your order automatically every time, so they show up every time, with you having to do no effort.

I was able to find a few interesting products, from local producers, like apple sauce made in the UP, and peanut butter made in Grand Rapids using vintage machinery.

Check out the video to see the produce I received in my small mixed box from Door to Door Organics.

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