Vegetarian Challenge

Vegetarian for 90 Days: Day 10

I made it ten days guys! I feel like I’m finally in the groove of things. My cravings are way less, even my carb cravings and that’s big for me. I’ve talked about it before, but I tend to not feel full without bread or potato (I’m less of a rice person). I think making a conscious effort daily on eating has helped alot. Being aware of what I want to eat, and what I choose to eat has allowed me to make better decisions then just hurriedly eating what’s on hand, usually in sandwich form. It’s easy and fast, yes, but once you learn to stock a fridge with “good” food, and to always have leftovers and hummus on hand, eating last minute and rushed can still be totally healthy.

Caring so much about my food, and the quality of the vegetables, making sure everything is organic etc…has even made me think twice when I snack. I allow myself a slice of cheesecake, a scoop of ice cream etc…but it’s not a daily occurrence. It’s a treat, as it should be. And portion size is a big thing now. Instead of two ice cream scoops, one is great. I’m putting so much effort into eating healthier, that I actually don’t want to ruin it with short lived dessert cravings that only lead to guilt after, because I feel like it would’ve erased my effort for the day.

I don’t eat much sugar to begin with, not a big dessert person like I was in my 20’s, but I do understand how it is it’s own addiction. Start cutting sugar out slowly. I only use brown sugar in my coffee (Sugar In The Raw). I used to need three packets to get the same sweetness from the white sugar. I slowly (over the past year), lowered the daily intake, and now, I only like one packet in my drink, and it is perfectly sweet. I use “packets” because its an easier way to make sure it is the same portion each time. I also drink soda once or twice a week only. I don’t even buy it, I only drink it when we go out with certain meals.

When I crave something sweet, I reach for a date, or some honey and peanut butter on a banana. It’s all about choices, and you know what you get used to it and you get to love it. Especially since the “addiction” to sugar and carbs will eventually wear off.

There aren’t much food pics in this post. You can see I had a delicious breakfast of egg and labneh and veggies. One of my fav breakfasts. For dinner, I had a wedge salad with alot of blue cheese. So good, and at night I had some chips and hummus. Pretty simple day, no special recipes. Which brings me to my next point.

These daily posts are taking alot out of me time-wise, and I don’t feel like I am being able to explore the recipes I want to make, or develop them. So, I am switching to a weekly update format on the blog for my “90 Day Vegetarian Challenge”, however, on (Instagram: @StartEatingOrganic) I will continue posting my daily food, so make sure to follow me there and to watch my stories!

In the evening, we walked at the Detroit Riverwalk, it was such a nice day, it was summer weather, and people were even out in shorts & tanks (have no clue why). Please forgive my messy hair and clueless look LOL.

Here is a view of the Detroit river, and hey that’s Canada on the other side! 🙂 So don’t forget to stay up with my daily vegetarian posts follow me on Instagram: @StartEatingOrganic and watch my daily stories!


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