Vegetarian Challenge

Vegetarian For 90 Days: Day 5

Sunday was pretty chill. I slept in, had some good coffee, worked on the blog (I have a never ending list of to-dos), and made eggs. I just absolutely love eggs, it would be so hard for me to go vegan because of it, and cheese of course, oh and yogurt!


Thinly sliced zucchini, mushrooms & cherry tomatoes. Mix in a bowl with a couple eggs. Add oil to the pan, heat, then add the mixture. Cook for a couple minutes, then flip over and enjoy.


We had dinner with family at a local restaurant. It was absolutely delicious, and usually I get something like almond chicken, or steak portabello sandwich. So, this was my first time going as a vegetarian. The dish I got was absolutely delicious, and flavorful.

Portabello & Spinach baguette with a delicious pesto sauce, salad and baked potato wedges.

We went grocery shopping and I saw these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes. I loved how this one was shaped like a heart!

Since I had a late breakfast, and late lunch/dinner, I’m keeping it simple this evening. Possibly some fruit, maybe some yogurt if I get hungry. Pretty easy!

One thing I’m looking into for this upcoming week is how to eat low carb. I haven’t been eating too many carbs but I feel like I could do better. I could eat pasta all day and call myself a vegetarian, but that’s not the sole purpose. This challenge is about being intentional with what I eat, and making sure it’s healthy.


  • Even if you aren’t vegetarian, try to do it one day a week, or replace one meal a day.
  • Try getting a vegetarian dish at your favorite restaurant instead of your favorite dish, give something new a try!
  • Appreciate the beauty in everything around you. Take the time to take life in. We all rush through our days trying to get things done, but even doing tasks like grocery shopping can be fun.

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