So…this is the place I’m supposed to tell you how amazing & qualified I am at teaching you how to eat better. I’m not going to do that, because the truth is, I just like simple, healthy, organic food, that tastes good, and I want to share it with you. I’ve been transitioning to a complete organic pantry (almost there), and I want you to enjoy the dishes I make, and to learn, along with me to eat healthier. That’s it. I’m not a fancy chef, I’m not a health nut super model, but I don’t have to be. This is me, opening my heart & my recipes up to you (and the world, no pressure right?), so please be honest, but always remember to be kind. 😉

Side note: My hubs eats GF, dairy free and vegan only, so, you will find a mix of recipes on the site, everything from vegan & gluten-free, to fish, chicken & meat dishes.

Second side note: Almost all my photos are taken on my iPhone. I started out with a DSLR, but I want to simplify my process, since I tend to over complicate things. When I decided to blog, I made a promise to keep everything as simple as possible, from the theme, to my photos, and especially the recipes. Sooooo, let’s get cooking!