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Vegetarian for 90 Days: Day 4

veggie90 day 4

Most weekends we tend to go out, we explore new places, cafes, we take it slow if we can. Weekdays are hectic, they leave us ragged and lacking sleep, so on the weekends we indulge. I tend to cook up a storm on Saturdays, I get ready for the week, prep a new batch of hummus, make ahead some reheat-able meals etc…but today I was still tired, still haven’t gotten a good nights rest, so some of my usual Saturday duties have shifted to tomorrow, and I wasn’t made about that :).


ratatouille tart

Instead of laboring for breakfast, I got to enjoy another slice of yesterday’s hard work, my ratatouille tart. But of course, it’s Saturday, so I added some goat cheese and popped it in the oven to reheat. I never thought I could make a good thing even better, but oh boy did the cheese do that.


tempeh burger

We went to a plant based restaurant today in Ferndale, called Greenspace Cafe. It was our second time there, and the food was just as delicious the second time around. I got the cajun tempeh burger (first time having tempeh, which is fermented soy beans), with avocado & cashew cheese (which they smoke and tastes like smokey heaven). Sam got the quinoa lentil burger on a gluten free bun. And it may be normal in places like Miami & LA , but being able to get freshly squeezed OJ is a nice treat (they have many fresh juices). What prompted the visit initially was the promise of vegan gluten free donuts for Sam, and we took some to go. I don’t know how they are still sitting on the counter. That’s some willpower.

After we went to a little cafe (Red Hook) down the street…

vegan cake

I had a much needed latte, and we shared a gluten free apple spice cake. The cake was divine, the cardamom, the ginger etc…so many spices and it was delicious.


Didn’t have one per say. Had some hummus and crackers, and some fruit. Nothing photo worthy πŸ˜‰


  • Listen to your body. Rest when you need to. Know when to push and when to take it easy. I push too hard sometimes and I pay the price the next day.
  • Eating out doesn’t mean “eating a salad is my only vegetarian option”. I mean if you go to a steakhouse, yeah, you are stuck with potatoes & salad. So, know where to go, put some effort in, check the menu online and have an idea of what you can eat.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things. You will learn what you love and hate. I had tempeh for the first time today, and it so much better than I thought it would be. The texture is very satisfying, so much better than tofu.
  • Try to find a plant based restaurant where you live. You can try new things, and have delicious meals with many options.

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