I may have gone overboard…

planting michigan organic garden

OK, it’s not really an “orchard” but for me it is the closest I will ever get, let a girl dream, ok? It all started when I saw a post about columnar apple trees from MI Gardener on Facebook. He was claiming you could grow apples successfully in potted containers, and the apple trees looked more like columns than big bushy trees. I was intrigued. I’ve been dabbling in gardening the last couple years with herbs & veggies, mostly in containers. I have a small yard and never dreamed of having fruit trees. But here was this guy that also lives in Michigan, telling me I could! Watch the video below to see more about it…but basically, he linked to the trees at Fast Growing Trees and down the rabbit hole I went…

It started with wanting an apple tree but then, I started browsing the site…and I saw it. My holy grail of trees…a freaking MEYER LEMON TREE. Ok, but not possible to grow in Michigan, I mean yes and no. Possible to grow in a pot and to bring “indoors” in the winter. Whhhaaatt?? My mind was blown, sign me up, take my money now…lol.

I kept browsing, the more I did the more I wanted. I really really had to stop myself. On Memorial Day they ran a free shipping special (which saved me $140), so I placed my order for delivery next week.

Here is what I ended up ordering:

  • Red Columnar Apple Tree
  • Clementine Tree
  • Meyer Lemon Tree (I made sure to get the largest one, I don’t want to wait years before a good harvest)
  • A couple blueberry bushes (Top Hat & Spartan)
  • Everbearing Strawberries – so they fruit for 4 months, and not just in June
  • I also ordered some of their organic soil mix & fertilizer

Sooooo, that was the easy part!

Now I have to figure out pot sizes, soil PH (for example blueberries need acidic PH), soil types (citrus prefers sandy), and organic fertilizer and some other things. Eventually I have to find out how to keep our detached garage heated, and add some plant growing lights to them. Like I mentioned, the citrus and clementine have to brought inside when temps start reaching under 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I refuse to put them in the house, we have this anti-bug in the house policy :p

I scheduled for them to be delivered next week, to give me enough time to order everything else I need and so I’m ready for their arrival. A part of me is excited, and a part of me is overwhelmed. I think I bit off too much at once, but I guess you learn in the deep end!

Have any tips for me? All ears!

P.S. This isn’t even me starting any veggies yet either…waiting on the garage to be sided first before I can finally put in a raised bed!

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  1. Whatttt I am so jealous! I love Meyer lemons and I would love to have my own tree. Maybe I should work on getting a backyard first though I don’t think they’ll appreciate our condo balcony lol! Do provide updates!

    1. LOL! You would be surprised, where do you live? They don’t get that big because they are dwarfs and you can have them anywhere! 🙂

  2. I’ve always been intrigued by the wonderful lemon-bearing trees grown in POTS in some Italian gardens. I believe it all boils down to having the correct type of potting soil. People who are planning to grow anything in pots should always first make sure that they get the best quality potting soil, or else they’ll have disappointing results.

    1. You are VERY correct. I’ve been poring over articles on the subject, I really don’t want to kill my tree :p. They all seem to say the same thing…make sure to use well draining soil…a mix of sand, potting soil, peat moss, etc…and to not over water! Lemons need to be watered only every 7-8 days.